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Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes and cupcakes
We understand how unique each wedding is and we aim to provide you with a cake that reflects your taste and personalities.  Your cake will be the focal point of your evening reception and will create a memorable “cutting the cake” photograph. 
We realise that, by this stage, you may have already spent many hours searching for ideas. Our aim is to work with you to create your perfect wedding cake or cupcake tower. 
When to book your cake baker?
May to September: ideally 12 months in advance.
October to March: ideally 6 months in advance.
Rich Fruit cakes should be baked no less than 4 months prior to your wedding day to ensure they have time to mature slowly and be fed regularly.
So don't worry if your wedding day is sooner than guidelines above, get in touch and we'll sort you out. We carry a small stock of 4" a d 6" fruit cakes for such times...
We limit the number of wedding cakes we do in one day to ensure that we deliver you the best service and products possible.
All our cakes are freshly baked for your wedding
Wedding Cake size?
The guide below shows example of stacked cakes and maximum servings expected.
A typical catering slice of sponge cake is 2" x 1" and 1" x 1" for fruit cake.
The guide below is for sponge cakes only

Round stacked examples
 Tier Sizes
 6" + 8"
 8" + 10"
 10” + 12”
 4” + 6”+ 8
 6” + 8”+ 10"
 8” + 10” + 12”
 4”+ 6”+ 8” + 10”
 6”+ 8”+ 10”+ 12”

Square stacked examples
 Tier Sizes
 6" + 8"
 8" + 10"
 10" + 12"
 4" + 6" + 8"
 6” + 8”+ 10"
 8” + 10” + 12”
 4”+ 6”+ 8” + 10”
 6”+ 8”+ 10”+ 12”

Wedding cake decorations: 
Our prices include standard decoration, a 15mm satin ribbon and iced caked board. For more elaborate designs or coloured icing, a supplement may apply.
Wedding Cupcake Tower: 
A cupcake tower gives you plenty of flexibility in terms of numbers, flavours and designs. The cupcake tower can be complemented with a 6" or 8" cutting cake.
Cupcakes can be served at the wedding or presented to your guests as favours. Cupcake decorations: All cupcakes can be colour coordinated to match your wedding colours and theme.
Wedding Cakes & Cupcakes Flavours
Standard range
  • Vanilla bean sponge with Vanilla SMBC and your choice of fruit preserve (strawberry, raspberry, apricot, cherry)
  • Lemon sponge with Lemon SMBC  and Lemon Curd
  • Lemon sponge with Blueberry SMBC and Lemon Curd
  • Orange sponge with Orange & Cardamom SMBC
  • Passion fruit sponge with Passion Fruit SMBC
  • Coffee sponge with Irish Cream SMBC
  • Caramel sponge with Chocolate & Salted Caramel SMBC
  • Champagne sponge with Champagne or Raspberry SMBC and raspberry preserve
Speciality range
  • Chocolate Fudge cake with Chocolate SMBC or ganache
  • Lime & Coconut sponge with SMBC and Lime curd
  • Pistachio & Lemon sponge with Pistachio SMBC  and Lemon curd
  • Chocolate and Banana sponge with Peanut Butter SMBC and Salted Caramel
  • Pecan sponge with Caramel or Pecan SMBC  and Toffee cream
  • Courgette & Lime sponge with lime SMBC and Lime curd
  • Spiced apple & Ginger sponge with Cinnamon SMBC
  • Rich Carrot cake with citrus buttercream (with or without walnuts)
  • Almond bakewell - Almond sponge with Almond SMBC and Cherry preserve
  • Chocolate Fudge cake with Chocolate Mint SMBC
  • Chocolate Orange Fudge cake with Chocolate Orange SMBC

*SMBC = Swiss Meringue Buttercream
Rich Fruit cake
Other flavours available on request
Food Allergies
We are happy to cater for Gluten free, Eggless and Dairy free diets. We also have a lovely chocolate vegan recipe available. 
Please advise us on any food allergy or food preference (e.g. vegetarian, vegan) you may have before ordering a cake. 
Wedding cake consultation & cake tasting
Contact us today to book a free of charge wedding cake consultation, by either emailing us  at ,call Mark on 0755 705 9929 or use the form in the contact us page.

You can also book a cake tasting session at the same time of your wedding cake consultation.  This carries a small cost of £30 and allows you to try up to 5 flavours.
Wedding cake deposits:
To book us, we require a £100 non-refundable deposit (or the value of your wedding cake if lower), payable by bank transfer (details sent by email) or cheque to Mark Greatrex.
Please phone to make sure we are available on the date.
We will send you a receipt within 2 working days.

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